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Trusted World-Wide, Right Networks is the leading provider of hosted applications for small business accounting firms. Right Networks hosts data and applications for a rapidly-growing client base ranging from Fortune 10 companies and large not-for-profit organizations to sole proprietorships and individuals. Authorized by major corporations and acclaimed by industry leaders, Right Networks is the right choice to move your organization into the cloud easily, reliably, and securely.


Founded in 2002 by an experienced team with decades of proven successes, Right Networks developed an advanced virtualization technology to provide virtual desktop computers that run on end-to-end clustered, enterprise-class infrastructure, delivering an unparalleled level of reliability to this segment of the hosting market.


John Farrer

John Farrer

Partner, Chief Executive Officer

John Farrer is Partner and Chief Executive Officer for Right Networks. John has 25+ years of experience designing and implementing server infrastructures for Fortune 50 corporations such as NYNEX, Bell Atlantic (Verizon), and Bank of America to develop the most scalable, modular, fault-tolerant hosting infrastructure in the industry.

Phil Romine

Phil Romine

Partner, Chief Technology Officer

Phil Romine is Partner and Chief Technology Officer for Right Networks. Phil has 25+ years of experience in operating systems architecture, internet, and distributed computing to develop an advanced, light-weight virtualization technology to provide end-to-end-redundant, on-demand computing reliably and efficiently.

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