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At Right Networks, we are dedicated to helping our customers get all of their critical business applications into the cloud. Learn how your peers have successfully increased productivity, collaborated more effectively and scaled their businesses using our solutions.
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Acru Solutions Success Story

Removing the burden of IT services running QuickBooks

Acru Solutions found that building and maintaining its own QuickBooks hosting environment was more trouble than it was worth. Employees at the Denver-based firm were caught up in dealing with IT problems rather than having time to do their jobs. Kevin Meurer explains why Acru turned to Right Networks for QuickBooks hosting and how the firm has benefitted from the move.

Siegel Solutions Success Story

Run and grow your business in the cloud

Jeff Siegel is the owner of Siegel Solutions, an 11-person firm that provides outsourced bookkeeping solutions using QuickBooks Desktop to over 300 clients. Jeff knows what it takes to grow a business: efficiency of scale, real-time insights that build strong customer relationships, and a secure data environment. He gets all three with Right Networks.

Kim Mallard, CPA Success Story

Transaction Pro Simplifies Data Migration

Summary: Faced with a difficult data migration project, Mallard turned to Transaction Pro. With some help from a dedicated Transaction Pro expert, she migrated all of the data stored in QuickBooks Online Simple Start to QuickBooks Online Accountant in about four hours.

Hannis T. Bourgeois Success Story

Hannis T. Bourgeois Relieves Security Concerns with Right Networks

Alarmed by a sharp increase in cybercrime incidents nationwide, accounting firm Hannis T. Bourgeois wanted to bolster security so principles and employees alike could sleep better at night. The firm turned to multi-factor authentication through Right Networks.

DMJ & Co., PLLC Success Story

Outsourced IT Brings Increased Security and Peace of Mind

When Mike Gillis, managing partner at DMJ & Co., PLLC, wanted to outsource his firm’s IT, he turned to Right Networks Cloud Premier. Within a matter of days, his firm was up and running on Cloud Premier. Better yet, by making the switch to Cloud Premier, his team was able to save thousands of dollars while greatly increasing security.

Harry K. Jeung, CPA Success Story

Firm Goes Remote and Leaves Office Permanently

Faced with an expiring lease and a stay-at-home order during COVID-19, the employees at Harry K. Jeung CPA had a choice: keep paying for a physical office and server or go remote full-time and move to the cloud. Here’s how the firm made a successful cloud transition.

Spain Price Reader & Thompson CPAs

Recovering from Hurricane Harvey with Cloud Premier

When Hurricane Harvey struck Houston in 2017, it left Cassie Grooms and Houston-based accounting firm with a major problem. The storm knocked out power to the firm’s headquarters on the 18th floor of a building that was also flooded. Unable to rebuild its technology infrastructure, Spain Price Reader & Thompson turned to Cloud Premier from Right Networks. Grooms explains the rest.

The Office Squad

Relieving the pressure of running a server in house

After 15 years of running an in-house server, Dida Clifton and the staff at The Office Squad, a Las Vegas-based company that handles bookkeeping and many other back-office operations for small businesses, got tired of having to deal with technology issues in-house. So, The Office Squad turned to Right Networks. Find out what happened.

Tuff Stuff Performance Academy

Keeping the data engine humming with Transaction Pro

After an application crash forced Tuff Stuff Performance Academy to have to manually import nearly 4 decades worth of Excel data back into QuickBooks, the Cleveland-based custom car company started searching for a more efficient way to complete the near impossible task. That’s when they found Transaction Pro.

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