Why the Cloud Is an Absolute Necessity for Small Businesses

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Almost as important as electricity

Running applications in the cloud has become as important as electricity for small businesses, especially given the shift to working remotely. Business owners might not realize how difficult operating without the cloud is until they compare life outside the cloud to live in it. Read more about the benefits of cloud hosting below.

Compare the benefits

Outside the cloud

Running a business outside the cloud leads to…

  • Data errors

    Version control becomes a problem when employees work via email, putting data accuracy at risk

  • Lack of security

    Successful phishing attacks end up killing the majority of small business they strike

  • Slow response time

    Sending emails back and forth among employees is the slowest possible way to get work done

  • Loss of critical information

    A company’s entire set of financial records could disappear in a fire or flood if stored on a single device

  • Missed application and system updates

    Using outdated software is a security risk, and many applications won’t function well without updates

  • Lack of consistent workflows

    One missed cc: in an email could lead to a key stakeholder being left out of a critical discussion

  • No technical support

    Companies supporting their own servers put data at risk and can experience significant downtime

  • Slow performance of on-premises servers

    Lots of employees working from separate locations can crash a single server and make it unavailable

In the cloud

Whereas businesses that run in the cloud have…

  • High data integrity

    Employees work simultaneously in the same version of the same file running in the same application

  • Enterprise-class security

    Cloud providers can shut down phishing attacks before they do any damage

  • Rapid work capability

    With employees collaborating in real time, work gets done faster, more efficiently and more accurately

  • Protection of critical information

    With automatic cloud backup of critical information, the risk of losing important files is virtually zero

  • Automatic updates

    Automatic updates mean the most recent version of an application will always be running

  • Dedicated workflows

    When everybody can access the same apps and files at the same time, nobody gets left out

  • 24/7 technical support

    Business owners can contact experts who have the expertise to get applications up and running again

  • Excellent performance

    A cloud provider offers the same speed and reliability that the world’s largest corporations enjoy

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