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Backing up your QBO files: It’s a shared responsibility

“My data is in the cloud…why do I need to back up QuickBooks® Online (QBO) files?” This is a common question from any QBO user. And the answer is that…

3 benefits of hiring employees outside your geographical area

Gone are the days of limiting your company hires to prospects from within your city limits. Today’s technology allows businesses to employ remote workers and expand their workforces outside the…

Windows 11: Should I stay or should I go?

Seven months after its initial October 5, 2021 release date, Microsoft has designated Windows 11 “ready for broad deployment” on personal computers meeting minimum system requirements (listed below). Like all…

5 cloud-hosted applications you can’t live without

Productivity applications to fit every need Nowadays, there are cloud-hosted applications for everything. You can start your car, set budgets, entertain your cat and so much more with just an…

Benefits of cloud security: spear-phishing prevention

Why fighting spear phishing is critical to preventing data breaches It’s a cautionary tale as old as email itself: A customer sends you an email asking for a referral to…

Why remote work benefits your firm

Why remote work is here to stay If you’re still asking yourself why remote work is here to stay, it’s time to make a nod to what’s being termed “the…

Top 5 QuickBooks Desktop features

Maybe you’ve been getting by “just fine” with how you’re currently running QuickBooks Desktop. But what if you could unlock new capabilities that help you save time and manage your…

Accounting firm security: How to go beyond the IRS Security Six

Client data protection is mandatory As if data security weren’t already important enough, firms must follow specific IRS rules for keeping client information safe. That’s why the IRS defined the “Security…

Solving the top-rated issue in accounting firms: security!

Accounting firm security risks are escalating—now what? It used to be the case that very small businesses (VSBs) and small to midsized accounting firms could take basic measures to prevent…

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