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Lean Assurance and Accounting [Webinar]

Register for part 3 of our Lean Six Sigma (LSS) webinar series, The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Assurance and Accounting, to learn how to apply modern solutions to decades-old assurance processes in today’s hybrid-remote culture.

Improve Tax Processes with Lean Six Sigma Principles [Webinar]

Register for part 2 of our Lean Six Sigma (LSS) webinar series, The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax, to learn how to make each tax process at your firm more efficient.

Why Spear-Phishing Is No Match for Cloud Security

When a previously unidentified form of spear-phishing malware attack struck two CPA firms, advanced cloud security was able to thwart it. Here’s how.

Prepared for Your Tax Season Debrief? [Webinar]

Firm leaders and members rarely get the chance to sit alongside each other to discuss process improvements—but tax season debriefs are meant for precisely that. Learn how to improve your next debrief by registering for our new webinar today.

How to Create a Lean, Green ($) Accounting Machine [Webinar]

Register for part 1 of our Lean Six Sigma (LSS) webinar series, The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Essentials, to learn how to improve outdated accounting processes with LSS principles.

Lean Six Sigma Accounting [Webinar]

It may be tempting to pump the brakes and coast through to extension season…but that won’t make next busy season any easier. Take advantage of this short reprieve and register for our upcoming 4-part Lean Six Sigma webinar series.

Build a Disaster Recovery Plan in 1 Step

What if your computer or server won’t turn back on, and critical client or customer data was erased? That all-too-common “what if?” scenario can shut down a business for good–unless there is a disaster recovery plan in place. Learn how to build yours in one step.

The Next Evolution of Small Business Security Threats [Webinar]

Join Gene Marks, Roman Kepczyk and Eric McMillen for their upcoming webinar, The Next Evolution of Small Business Security Threats, when they will discuss the latest security threats impacting businesses—and how to solve for them.

7 Tips for Managing Your Remote Team

With the reality that remote workers, whether full or part-time, provide a competitive advantage, it is important that firms wholeheartedly include remote work as an integral part of the firm’s evolving culture. Learn how to effectively incorporate remote team members with these seven considerations.

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