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Don’t Forget a Human’s Best Friend This Year: Holiday Gifts to Keep Your Dog Child Tail-Waggingly Happy

It’s finally here. THE season…the holiday season. Joy. Peace. Love. Bring it all on, because if you’re like me, I’m more than ready for it. As is my dog child,…

Here’s a Handy List of Automated Accounting Resources

Firms are making plans to embrace automation, but the concept is still a little fuzzy in the accounting profession. What does automation mean for accounting firms, anyway? Is there such…

What You Think You Know About Accounting Automation

Accounting automation: Two simple words that can evoke fear inside an accounting firm. Instead of letting the fear of automation hold you back, embrace it and use it to help…

The 5 Hottest Employee Benefits for 2023

Want to attract and retain the best people in this very tight labor market? Then you’re going to need to offer the most competitive employee benefits. I’m not an HR…

Lean Six Sigma Tips: How to Prepare for 2023 Tax Season

The arrival of the crisp fall air means the 2023 tax season isn’t too far off. It’s time to look at tuning up your tax production processes as you prepare….

How Accounting Firm Technology Transforms CAAS

Accounting firms have been busy in recent years expanding their service offerings far beyond tax preparation, and understandably so—any firm that wants to position itself for the future has to…

Meet IRS Cybersecurity Requirements with a Data Security Plan

Tax security is the law, and firms that don’t meet IRS cybersecurity requirements cannot legally operate a large segment of their businesses. But what does it take to comply? Adopting…

5 Things to Look for in a Cloud Security Solution

Prevent Cyberattacks by Partnering With a Vendor That Offers a Cloud Security Solution With These Five Must-Have Capabilities   In a constant news cycle of cybersecurity events, this month’s news…

5 Haunting Cybersecurity Facts (and How to Thwart Attacks)

These days, cyber attacks can be initiated via click, open, or even by pressing “play.” How is anyone supposed to stay safe? Get our cybersecurity tips and start protecting your business today.

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