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Postcards from the Road – Scaling New Heights

Scaling New Heights was once again a highlight for Transaction Pro, Autofy, and Right Networks. So much positive attention was given to the new Autofy Always-On capability and how it…

How to Respond If Your Firm Is Hacked

“Oh no, we’ve been hacked.” Words no one wants to hear, but a potential reality for accounting firms and their clients.  Because of the significant amount of personally identifiable information…

Reduce Your Liability by Keeping Your Clients’ Data Secure

While accounting firms have made great strides to embrace technology and provide clients with premium, on-demand services, there is still work to be done in the area of data security….

How Moving to the Cloud Changed This Attorney’s Life

Pete has been a good friend of mine for many years.  We used to go to summer camp together and we kept in touch. Now he’s an attorney in Philadelphia…

Security…Your New #1 Priority

While it’s understood that your catalog of priorities is already extensive, security is one that must take a top position on your list this year…and for good reason. The world…

QuickBooks Cloud Server: Your “Cloud” vs. Cloud Hosting

With more and more applications being accessible through the cloud and constant news of hacking, ransomware, and stolen data happening around us, security is on everyone’s mind. It is logical…

Protecting Your Mobile Workstation (Laptop)

Firms are increasingly transitioning employees from traditional desktops to laptops as their only workstation to connect to the firm’s information resources and production applications. This has a variety of benefits,…

Do Your Digital Processes Frustrate or Delight?

Paperless” has been a common firm mantra over the past decade with most firms implementing digital solutions throughout each area of their practices. Oftentimes, firms adopted digital versions of their…

Mandatory Firm Security Briefings

Earlier this year, we met with two members of the IRS Criminal Investigations unit who shared that between three and five accounting practitioners are getting hacked every single day. With…

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