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3 Ways Document Management Tools Increase Client Collaboration

Learn how to choose a paperless document management system that supports your digital workflows.  Manual workflows, repetitive tasks and keeping up with hardcopy paperwork just don’t make sense anymore. Our…

5 Top Benefits of Cloud Computing for New Users

So, you’ve decided to run your critical business applications in the cloud. You’re up and running with QuickBooks® Desktop and maybe some other important apps as well. What’s next? What…

Why Should You Run QuickBooks in the Cloud?

If you’re running QuickBooks® Desktop on an in-office server or on individual computers in your firm or business, you’re putting your organization’s data at risk. You’re also missing out on…

Accounting Profession Trends: New Horizon Group Think Tank Highlights

I recently participated in the New Horizon Group (NHG) think tank hosted by the AICPA. The group discussed key trends and opportunities impacting the accounting profession. The NHG consists of…

Accounting News: April in Review

“Oh, they’re busy. I’ll wait to cyberattack them until after tax season,” said no hacker ever.  Hacking runs rampant every tax season. But this busy season was one for the…

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Software products are always changing, and each release brings improvements. In this blog post, I’m sharing how Intuit improved an already-great product: QuickBooks® Desktop. Keep reading to find out what’s…

Cybersecurity Best Practices: Break Bad Habits Now

Old habits might die hard, but if you want to adhere to cybersecurity best practices, they have to die—now. Your employees might be putting your firm at risk and not…

4 Best Application Security Tools

What are the best application security tools? It’s a combination of tools, really.  To batten down the digital hatches—and ensure your applications are secure—you need to be using:  Multifactor authentication …

Optimal Equipment for Today’s Accounting Firm Tech Stack

A recent webinar provides accountants with current consulting recommendations on choosing technologies like workstations, office equipment, mobile tools and more. All are part of today’s accounting firm tech stack. This…

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