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Remote Work: Why It Has to Be the New Normal For Accounting Firms

When you think of remote work, what comes to mind? For auditors and consultants, it’s working on the road at client offices, airports and hotels.  For tax managers, it’s most…

Almost overnight, working from home changed work … possibly forever.

The rapid shift to working from home that took place in early 2020 as a pandemic response might have changed work for good. Remote work is going well enough for many companies that it’s likely to be around forever for many former office workers.

Addressing “Sacred Cows” to Get Buy-In for Your Firm’s Transformation to Advisory Services

As with any strategic initiative, progress can be significantly derailed by individuals that nod their heads in agreement in public but do not adopt processes and/or quietly countermand them in…

How to make the most of QuickBooks | Webinar

Register for our upcoming webinar “The experts weigh in: How to make the most of QuickBooks” to hear Right Networks, Method:CRM, and Smart Business Solutions discuss topics specific to helping small businesses succeed today.

What Kept Accounting Firms Running During COVID-19 Office Shutdowns?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt CPA offices all over the world, but some firms have fared better than others. When the pandemic struck quickly and mostly unexpectedly in…

Security for Accounting Firms: How to Comply with the IRS “Security Six” and Go Beyond

As if data security wasn’t important enough already, accounting firms now have to comply with specific IRS rules for keeping client information safe. Last year, the IRS defined the “security…

What the Closing of Dunder Mifflin (and Just about Every Other Office) Means for Work Life

There will be no Party Planning Committee because there will be no parties. Kevin won’t spill his famous chili because he won’t be allowed to bring it to begin with….

‘Twas the Week After Deadline

‘Twas the week after deadline, and all through the firm, not a Tax Pro was working while stuck in their home.

The “New Normal” Is Here

Whether you run a CPA firm, work for a CPA firm, or work in a business’s financial department, there’s a good chance your metaphorical hand shot up before you even finished reading the above sentence.

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