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New Horizon Group Confab: 5 AICPA Initiatives for 2022

I recently flew to the AICPA’s headquarters in New York City to attend the annual New Horizon Group (NHG) think tank. New Horizon Group (NHG) is comprised of a dozen…

3 Essential Remote Work Technologies

If You Have Remote Employees—You Need to Set Them Up with the Right Remote Work Equipment. In this post, I’m sharing the basics that every remote employee must have in…

CPAFMA Digital Survey: Driven by Security Concerns, Accounting Firms Move to the Cloud

Accounting firms continue to move critical business applications to the cloud and off of in-house servers, the 2022 CPAFMA Digital Survey revealed…

How to Become a Digitally-Driven Firm

What Is a Digitally-driven Firm? To help define what it means to be a “digitally-driven firm,” let’s go back in time… In March 2020, most businesses transitioned to remote work…

2022 CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Meeting: 6 Takeaways for Firms

2022 CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader Meeting: 6 Takeaways for Firms This past week, I participated in CPA Practice Advisor’s annual Thought Leader meeting alongside CPAPA’s “40 Under 40” top…

CPA Consultant’s Alliance: 2 Most Important Takeaways

A Few Weeks Ago, I Participated in the CPA Consultant’s Alliance (CPACA) Forum. The CPA Consultant’s Alliance (CPACA) “is a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to…

Accounting Technology and Trends: Consumer Electronics Show 2022

Accounting hardware trends and consumer technology trends that every accounting firm should be monitoring. Start improving your day-to-day with highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 today!

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Move to the Cloud

Small Business Owners Shoulder an Enormous Amount of Responsibility. You are employers, stakeholders, risk-takers and jacks-of-all-trades—and, needless to say, you wear a variety of hats. These days, there’s even more…

Cybersecurity: War in Ukraine Increases Likelihood of Russian Cyber Attacks

Katie got an unexpected day off work not long ago. It wasn’t the fun kind. The insurance brokerage Katie works for was shut down for a day by what was…

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