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August: WFH Opinions, Remote Work Technologies and More


Accounting Technology News, Events and Innovation | August, 2021

What’s Work Got to Do With IT?

Everything. We spoke last month about the importance of using technology to your advantage—and it’s true—productivity, security and collaboration are all improved with the right technology.

But technology doesn’t just benefit a business’s security—or a employee’s productivity. It’s the literal, physical representation of business continuity.

We all remember March 2020 and our race home to avoid contamination. Our applications, chat channels, and hosting services kept us going back then … and it’s exactly what we need still, right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against continuing to WFH. COVID certainly doesn’t care. The recent uptick in positive cases may cause another shutdown, and you and your business need to be prepared.

In this post, we’ll cover the remote access and WFH technology that keeps employees accountable and employers satisfied. Keep reading for more information about the latest technology events, resources and insights or click to jump to a specific section.

  1. The Remote Work Debate Continues
  2. 5 QuickBooks Time Tracking Apps
  3. Cloud Hosting = Business Continuity
  4. 5 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Bookkeeping
  5. Yield a Higher Technology ROI
  6. Accountants Move Towards Normalcy in Las Vegas

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The Remote Work Debate Continues

When it comes to working from home, are you more employee or employer? The surveyors are surveying; the data is pouring in. Leaders are beginning to make decisions about whether or not they will allow employees to choose their own schedules or continue to work from home.

And while the recent uptick in COVID cases has somewhat put the decision-making on the back burner, the question remains: What happens when that official return-back-to-the-office mandate comes? Dive into the statistics here.

Just how forward-thinking is going back? Roman Kepczyk shares his remote work strategy insights in a Firm Member Exclusive article published on Remote work strategy: Going back or going forward?

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5 QuickBooks Time Tracking Apps

In the remote work era, being absent at the office doesn’t mean you’re not working. Easy-to-use time tracking apps allow employees to track their time on-the-go, and managers to keep track of teams’ statuses. Learn which 5 apps work with QuickBooks accounting software—and are hosted in the cloud—and make tracking employees and finances even easier. Learn more.

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Cloud Hosting = Business Continuity

Remote access solutions are year-round, permanent employee enablement tools—not just a response to forced shutdowns. However, if another shutdown did happened today … would you be able to work tomorrow? Find out how to keep business going during times of uncertainty with cloud application and software hosting. Learn more.

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5 Reasons to Ditch Traditional Bookkeeping

Bookkeepers running their software in the cloud benefit financially, improve workflows, increase their security—and ultimately have happier, trusting, growth-enabled clients. Learn why traditional, manual bookkeeping processes are out and cloud bookkeeping is the only way forward for bookkeepers everywhere. Learn more.

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Yield a Higher Technology ROI

Figuring out which applications belong in your firm’s tech stack isn’t too difficult, but it does take some guidance. Join our live webinar on September 2 @ 11 AM ET for Building a Tech Stack for Success, and walk away knowing how to build a tech stack that will yield your firm the highest ROI.

Can’t make the live presentation? Register anyway and we’ll send you the recorded version after it airs.

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Accountants Move Towards Normalcy in Las Vegas

1,700 on-premise attendees, 150 exhibitors, and the backdrop of Las Vegas, NV made the AICPA ENGAGE conference feel like it was 2019 again … sort of. Get Roman Kepczyk’s conference recap and learn how the profession has adjusted their audit, advisory, technology strategies and practices since last year. Learn more.

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