Alicia Norman

Why backup security is super important for modern businesses

Backup security removes the “uh-oh” factor Before using backup security, a lot of people had “that story.” You know, the one where you work tirelessly for hours over a document…only…

9 different cyberattacks and how to avoid them

The constant threat of a data security breach haunts every contemporary business, but can a security awareness training program mitigate risks? It’s a complex issue to be sure. Cybersecurity risks…

What is eWaste and what can your accounting firm do about it?

Your accounting firm and its relationship with eWaste There isn’t a contemporary office or accounting firm that doesn’t make use of a wide variety of electronics. From computers to laptops,…

Why security awareness training is better for business

Cyberattacks are at an all-time high. What are you doing to protect your firm? The COVID-19 pandemic created its fair share of global suffering, including a spike in cybersecurity attacks….

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