Emily Frels

Content Writer

I love long walks on the beach, picnics under the stars, and—oh wait, this isn’t that kind of bio.

As a proud University of Georgia alum who did not major in her current career whatsoever, I generate quality educational (and fun!) content for Rootworks, and sometimes the powers that be let me write blogs for Right Networks.

When I’m not writing to pay the bills, you’ll find me traveling with my husband to college football games, reeling in largemouth bass at our cabin, planning extravagant ways to show off my passion for all things Harry Potter, starting new projects around the house while current ones sit at 95% completion, and defending my stance on the Oxford comma.

Secure Document Sharing: The Benefits of SmartVault

On December 5, Right Networks and SmartVault launched a partnership that increases the availability and affordability of SmartVault Accounting Pro to Right Networks customers. SmartVault is a document management software…

3 Benefits of Hiring Employees Outside Your Geographical Area

Gone are the days of limiting your company hires to prospects from within your city limits. Today’s technology allows businesses to employ remote workers and expand their workforces outside the…

5 Things You Can Do to Up Your Cybersecurity Game

Cyberattacks Have Been Rising at an Alarming Rate Over the Past Couple of Years Not only that, but cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks. Is your business susceptible? The…

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