Kiara Williams

Senior Content Writer

Where to begin with this bio—My enthusiasm for LEGO kits? The collection of semi-complete art projects stacked in my office? Or how about my love of all things Harry Potter? Well, in a nutshell, that's me.

But while building, crafting and learning about witchcraft and wizardry ultimately create my off-hour hobby carousel, I dedicate work time to writing for Right Networks and the accounting profession. My ultimate goal? Produce quality content (for the industry supporting us all) that does more than inform—it entertains.

Accounting News: February in Review

Bare minimum Mondays. The three types of fraudsters. QBO intricacies. February’s accounting news topics ranged, to say the least. But whether you’re interested in learning if your firm needs a…

The Best Books for Accountants to Read

This isn’t your typical “What are the best books for accountants to read?” post.  Sure, I’ll be sharing the obvious reads. I’ll also be suggesting books (and online publications) that…

Accounting News: January in Review

The labor shortage. Cybersecurity risks overseas. Wall Street Journal articles about smaller firms “offshoring jobs as…accountants leave the profession in droves.” Yikes. You may be about to enter one of…

How Does Cloud Technology Work?

What is the Cloud? The cloud—at its core—allows us to store and access information via an internet connection.   Most likely, you use the cloud a lot more than you even…

You Need a Data Backup Plan—Here’s Why

Firms Don’t Often See Disasters Coming  What would happen to your business operations if the power went out? Would you be able to move elsewhere and continue to run your…

Funny Accounting Memes: Slow(er) at the Firm? In the ‘Meme’ Time, Read This.

I’ve been following accounting-and-tax-specific Instagram accounts for a few years, and I’ve got to say—you’re all hilarious! You post some pretty funny accounting memes too. Over time, I’ve come across…

5 Haunting Cybersecurity Facts (and How to Thwart Attacks)

These days, cyber attacks can be initiated via click, open, or even by pressing “play.” How is anyone supposed to stay safe? Get our cybersecurity tips and start protecting your business today.

Top 5 QuickBooks Desktop Features

Maybe you’ve been getting by “just fine” with how you’re currently running QuickBooks Desktop. But what if you could unlock new capabilities that help you save time and manage your…

What is the Dark Web? [5 Facts]

The Dark Web—What is It? The deep, dark web—what is it? What’s it used for? How does information end up there? And what should you do if your information is…

‘Twas the Week After Deadline

We hope that everyone’s season wasn’t too hectic and that you are all enjoying well-deserved vacations. But for the rare few who may be looking at their laptops—here’s a light-hearted…

Tax Season 2022—Taxpayer Authentication, IRS Security Concerns and Protecting PII

Tax season 2022 is upon us. In this blog post, we’re sharing news and information about security and privacy concerns straight from the IRS. Maintain your security through tax season and beyond with these tips.

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Work Productivity (Pt. 2)

Whether or not you struggle with tackling jobs as it comes in—all of us could benefit from a work productivity tip or two. Join me for another light-hearted look at common procrastination habits and how to overcome them with productivity tips (that actually work.)

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