Lee Pender

Kentucky floods demonstrate the importance of disaster recovery 

Disaster recovery doesn’t seem important…until it suddenly is Deadly floods have ravaged eastern Kentucky in recent weeks, destroying homes and businesses and causing dozens of deaths. While there’s obviously no…

How ‘smart’ are your cybersecurity solutions?

Your firm is at a greater risk of a data breach than you realize You might think your firm is as secure as it needs to be, but it probably…

Cybersecurity: War in Ukraine increases likelihood of Russian cyber attacks

Katie got an unexpected day off work not long ago. It wasn’t the fun kind. The insurance brokerage Katie works for was shut down for a day by what was…

Why Spear-Phishing Is No Match for Cloud Security

When a previously unidentified form of spear-phishing malware attack struck two CPA firms, advanced cloud security was able to thwart it. Here’s how.

Why Cybersecurity Must Be Priority #1 [Infographic]

Understanding cybersecurity and having a cyber attack plan in place is critical to an organization’s success. Get the numbers on how devastating an attack can be and learn how to protect your business with an affordable solution.

5 Financial Books Every Accountant Needs in Their Library

Accountants: Looking for a little good business reading? Gene Marks, CPA and Right Networks expert contributor, has a few ideas. Gene is a columnist, author, and small business owner. A past columnist for both The Washington Post and The New York Times, Gene writes regularly for The Hill, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes, Inc. magazine, Entrepreneur.com, The Washington Times and The Guardian.

Almost overnight, working from home changed work … possibly forever.

The rapid shift to working from home that took place in early 2020 as a pandemic response might have changed work for good. Remote work is going well enough for many companies that it’s likely to be around forever for many former office workers.

What Kept Accounting Firms Running During COVID-19 Office Shutdowns?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt CPA offices all over the world, but some firms have fared better than others. When the pandemic struck quickly and mostly unexpectedly in…

Accounting Firm Security: How to Go Beyond the IRS Security Six

Firms need to manage all areas of data protection, including server security, password security, system patches and even voicemail. Each of those areas of security comes with its own challenges and potential pitfalls, even though they don’t fall under IRS requirements.

What the Closing of Dunder Mifflin (and Just about Every Other Office) Means for Work Life

There will be no Party Planning Committee because there will be no parties. Kevin won’t spill his famous chili because he won’t be allowed to bring it to begin with….

The Work-at-Home Revolution Has Already Happened. Can Your Firm or Business Cope?

For years, working remotely was a perk some companies offered. The idea of allowing many, much less most, employees in a company to work at home full time seemed distant…

Does Your Firm or Business Really Need a Physical Office? Here’s A Guide

With COVID-19 spreading at record levels in many parts of the US, accounting firms and small businesses are rethinking plans to reopen their offices as states reconsider their own reopening plans. For…

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