Roy Keely

Don’t Let That Software’s EULA Be Your Firms “EULAgy”

A EULA or ‘End User License Agreement’ serves to summarize the general terms and conditions related to using a piece of software. Sometimes using software simply involves creating an account…

CPAs Should Audit Their Cloud Providers’ Licensing

When it comes to assisting their clients, CPAs are famous for being meticulous, which likely prevents them from being as meticulous when it comes to their own affairs. One thing…

PSA About Your Cloud MSA (Master Services Agreement) 

Due to many recent security breaches with cloud and software providers, you may be motivated to take a deeper look into the legal agreements by which you are bound. This…

Managing Seasonal Staff This Tax Season

Office workers are so 2017. Are the downloads in your office taking a little longer lately? Accounting professionals will deal with an influx in employee head count as they onboard…

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