Roman Kepczyk, CPA.CITP, CGMA, PAFM

Director of Firm Technology Strategy

Roman Kepczyk, CPA.CITP, CGMA, PAFM is Director of Firm Technology Strategy for Right Networks and partners exclusively with accounting firms on production automation, application optimization and practice transformation. He has been consistently listed as one of INSIDE Public Accounting’s Most Recommended Consultants, Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People, and CPA Practice Advisor’s Top Thought Leaders.

Accounting Firms GEAR UP for Another Busy Season

Earlier this week, I presented “Tech, Trends and Disrupters” with Thomson Reuters Director of Innovation Jordan Kleinsmith at GEAR UP 2020. Keep reading for highlights from our program or scroll down to the bottom of the article to sign up for our next live presentation of “Tech, Trends, and Disrupters” on Friday, December 11.

Accounting Firms Discuss the “Next Normal” At Rosenberg Roundtables

While many of us are concerned about the “new normal” right now, the reality is that technological change and innovation are accelerating and will create a string of “new normals” (cloud hosting, application integrations) that firms will have to adapt to in the future. And those that do so effectively will be…

How to Optimize Communication When Remote Work Is Mandatory

Remember when our idea of a “mobile phone” meant attaching a 12-foot coiled cord to a landline? Internal office communications have evolved from memos and meetings, to phone calls and email, to instant messaging and video chat. Depending on when you entered the firm you probably have a preferred prioritization of how you individually communicate best. But in many cases, a firm’s communication prioritization is built around the “cultural norm” promoted by its leaders.

7 Tips to Secure Remote Firm Employees’ Workspaces

Now is the time to review and tune-up your security processes. The COVID-created rush to have everyone working from home inadvertently exposed firms to security threats they may not have considered before the pandemic struck. Even firms that were already in the cloud (and had adopted a mobile mindset) had to quickly transition tax and administrative personnel that may not have previously had experience working remotely.

Skills Needed for Building an Effective CAAS Team

With information technology eliminating most geographic boundaries, generalist firms will find it increasingly harder to compete with niche specialists who have differentiated themselves with more expertise and process efficiency, particularly those targeting CAAS (Client Accounting and Advisory Services). 

Is remote work the new normal for accounting firms?

When you think of remote work, what comes to mind? For auditors and consultants, it’s working on the road at client offices, airports and hotels. For tax managers, it’s most…

Addressing “Sacred Cows” to Get Buy-In for Your Firm’s Transformation to Advisory Services

As with any strategic initiative, progress can be significantly derailed by individuals that nod their heads in agreement in public but do not adopt processes and/or quietly countermand them in…

.CPA Domains Available for Firms Beginning September 1, 2020

This past June, the AICPA was awarded the .cpa (dot CPA) top-level (worldwide) domain which has been reserved exclusively for entities confirmed by the AICPA to be affiliated with the…

How to Work Securely at Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic required accounting firms to go 100% remote virtually overnight.   While a good number of firms were either already in the cloud had implemented cloud-enabled applications, or had…

Coronavirus: Is Your Firm Prepared for a Pandemic?

Natural disasters and cybersecurity concerns have pushed most firms to develop a disaster response plan in the event of a catastrophic office or systems loss, but few have considered the…

Postcards From the Road – CPA Consultants Alliance

The CPA Consultants Alliance held their annual working group meeting this week in Scottsdale, Arizona where they swarmed around solutions regarding the transformation of the Accounting Profession towards Client Advisory…

The Right Byte – Expand Your Monitor Screen Real Estate

On this episode of The Right Byte, Roman Kepczyk discusses why it is necessary to expand your monitor screen real estate. Roman explains the need for a large monitor to…

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