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Lean Six Sigma Accounting [Webinar Series]

It may be tempting to pump the brakes and coast through to extension season…but that won’t make next busy season any easier. Take advantage of this short reprieve with our 4-part Lean Six Sigma webinar series.

Tax Optimization: How to Make Your Firm Digital by Default

One of the few silver linings during this pandemic has been the accelerated adoption of technologies and processes that allowed employees to work effectively regardless of location. Successful firms used…

Accounting Firms GEAR UP for Another Busy Season

Earlier this week, I presented “Tech, Trends and Disrupters” with Thomson Reuters Director of Innovation Jordan Kleinsmith at GEAR UP 2020. Keep reading for highlights from our program or scroll down to the bottom of the article to sign up for our next live presentation of “Tech, Trends, and Disrupters” on Friday, December 11.

5 Financial Books Every Accountant Needs in Their Library

Accountants: Looking for a little good business reading? Gene Marks, CPA and Right Networks expert contributor, has a few ideas. Gene is a columnist, author, and small business owner. A past columnist for both The Washington Post and The New York Times, Gene writes regularly for The Hill, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Forbes, Inc. magazine,, The Washington Times and The Guardian.

The Client Accounting and Advisory Services Playbook | Webinar

The time is now to harness the power of today’s powerful technologies, productize client accounting and advisory services, and provide clients with all of the support they want. In our upcoming webinar (The Client Accounting and Advisory Services Playbook) Roman Kepczyk, Director of Firm Technology Strategy at Right Networks, will present several approaches and resources to support this conclusion.

Skills Needed for Building an Effective CAAS Team

With information technology eliminating most geographic boundaries, generalist firms will find it increasingly harder to compete with niche specialists who have differentiated themselves with more expertise and process efficiency, particularly those targeting CAAS (Client Accounting and Advisory Services). 

Is remote work the new normal for accounting firms?

When you think of remote work, what comes to mind? For auditors and consultants, it’s working on the road at client offices, airports and hotels. For tax managers, it’s most…

Addressing “Sacred Cows” to Get Buy-In for Your Firm’s Transformation to Advisory Services

As with any strategic initiative, progress can be significantly derailed by individuals that nod their heads in agreement in public but do not adopt processes and/or quietly countermand them in…

What Kept Accounting Firms Running During COVID-19 Office Shutdowns?

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt CPA offices all over the world, but some firms have fared better than others. When the pandemic struck quickly and mostly unexpectedly in…

Accounting Firm Security: How to Go Beyond the IRS Security Six

Firms need to manage all areas of data protection, including server security, password security, system patches and even voicemail. Each of those areas of security comes with its own challenges and potential pitfalls, even though they don’t fall under IRS requirements.

The “New Normal” Is Here

Whether you run a CPA firm, work for a CPA firm, or work in a business’s financial department, there’s a good chance your metaphorical hand shot up before you even finished reading the above sentence.

The Work-at-Home Revolution Has Already Happened. Can Your Firm or Business Cope?

For years, working remotely was a perk some companies offered. The idea of allowing many, much less most, employees in a company to work at home full time seemed distant…

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