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The Goldilocks Effect: Achieving Your Ideal Client Roster

As an accounting professional or small business owner, finding the right clients is key to achieving sustainable growth and success. Cultivating an ideal client roster not only enhances profitability but…

Why Move Your Business to the Cloud? 5 Reasons

You are employers, stakeholders, risk-takers and jacks of all trades–and you wear a variety of hats. These days, there’s even more pressure on business owners to manage it all. The…

The 3 Biggest Trends Affecting Businesses In 2023

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 20 years is that the smartest business owners, leaders and executives are always…ALWAYS…looking ahead. They’re evaluating the things going on in…

3 Strategies for How to Navigate Inflation

It’s not news that we’re in an inflationary period. We don’t need to go into the reasons why. The fact is that both producer and consumer price increases are at…

3 Ways to Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Small Businesses

Gene Marks, CPA and Small Business Advisor for Right Networks, shares three ways you prevent ransomware attacks on small businesses. When you read about all the online security issues that…

How to Foster Long-lasting Client Relationships [5 Steps]

How Small-Business Owners can Benefit from Strong Client Relationships with Accountants One of the biggest complaints small-business owners have about their accounting firms is that accountants don’t develop client relationships…

3 Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud (and How I Profited From a Flood)

After a flood wrecked my business’s server (and my rugs) – I was able to profit. How? By migrating my QuickBooks Desktop, accounting applications, and all the critical data stored within those programs to the cloud. Get the full story here.

5 Time Tracking Apps to Use with QuickBooks

Easy-to-use time tracking apps allow employees to track their time on-the-go and managers to keep track of teams’ statuses. Learn which 5 also integrate with QuickBooks Accounting Software and make tracking employees and finances even easier.

Build a Disaster Recovery Plan in One Step

What if your computer or server won’t turn back on, and critical client or customer data was erased? That all-too-common “what if?” scenario can shut down a business for good…unless there is a disaster recovery plan in place. Learn how to build yours in one step.

The Next Evolution of Small Business Security Threats [Webinar]

Watch Gene Marks, Roman Kepczyk and Eric McMillen discuss the latest small business security threats—and find out how to protect against them.

Small Business Post-Pandemic Playbook [Webinar]

In our upcoming webinar on post-pandemic strategies, Gene Marks (CPA, nationally recognized journalist and small business owner) will teach professionals about how they can recover from 2020—and create a business that is stronger than ever.

10 Business Books That Have Helped Me Succeed…at Work and at Home

I’ve been running The Marks Group for more than twenty-five years and have read a lot of great business books along the way. With these great reads, I’ve managed to balance my personal and professional life…and make some bucks along the way. Keep reading to learn which ten I consider to be the most impactful, particularly as a small business owner.

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