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How to Have a Better 2024 Tax Season

By Darren Root and Roman Kepczyk You’re already dreading it a little bit, aren’t you? Even before you finish the season of business taxes, tax season 2024 looms. It’s always…

As Tax-Related Scams Prompt IRS Warning, Firms Need to React

The IRS doesn’t just give away money. But a lot of scammers would like their potential victims to think that it does. This summer, the number of tax-related scams has…

How to Manage Amortization of Section 174 Expenses

When it comes to tax codes, we know it can be hard to keep up with all the changes and how it might impact you and your firm’s clients. In…

Tax Season 2023: Structure Leads to Success

Tax season 2023 launches today…and for most tax professionals, it carries a combination of excitement and dread. While the energy gained from meeting with—and helping—clients keeps us jazzed about the…

4 Ways Tax Transcripts Improve Your Reputation and Client Experience

Let’s debunk the myth here and now: Tax transcripts aren’t just for tax professionals. Every client you have is a taxpayer. The IRS has been making efforts to increase its…

Lean Six Sigma Tips: How to Prepare for 2023 Tax Season

The arrival of the crisp fall air means the 2023 tax season isn’t too far off. It’s time to look at tuning up your tax production processes as you prepare….

How to Host Your Tax Season 2022 Debrief

Bracing For The Tax Season 2022 Extension After facing the unparalleled trials of tax season 2022, the upcoming tax extension season may cause apprehension for your staff. Your team needs…

‘Twas the Week After Deadline

We hope that everyone’s season wasn’t too hectic and that you are all enjoying well-deserved vacations. But for the rare few who may be looking at their laptops—here’s a light-hearted…

How to Become a Digitally-Driven Firm

What Is a Digitally-driven Firm? To help define what it means to be a “digitally-driven firm,” let’s go back in time… In March 2020, most businesses transitioned to remote work…

Tax Season 2022—Taxpayer Authentication, IRS Security Concerns and Protecting PII

Tax season 2022 is upon us. In this blog post, we’re sharing news and information about security and privacy concerns straight from the IRS. Maintain your security through tax season and beyond with these tips.

Drake Software and Right Networks—a Winning Combination

Drake Software and Right Networks have partnered to offer a world-class hosting experience for tax and accounting professionals. Learn how choosing Drake Tax as your hosted tax preparation software can benefit your firm.

Improve Tax Processes with Lean Six Sigma Principles [Webinar]

In part 2 of our Lean Six Sigma (LSS) webinar series, The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Tax, learn how to make each tax process at your firm more efficient.

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