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Hybrid work best practices

The COVID pandemic highlighted the fact that remote work can make individuals more productive and firms more profitable when properly implemented. This has led to many firms allowing some form…

How to keep firm data secure when working remotely or traveling

How do I keep firm data secure while traveling or working remotely?  Learning how to keep your firm data secure is something that bears consideration even as COVID-19 restrictions lift….

‘Twas the week after deadline

We hope that everyone’s season wasn’t too hectic and that you are all enjoying well-deserved vacations. But for the rare few who may be looking at their laptops—here’s a light-hearted…

3 essential remote work technologies

If you have remote employees—you need to set them up with the right remote work equipment. In this post, I’m sharing the basics that every remote employee must have in…

2022 CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader meeting: 6 takeaways for firms

2022 CPA Practice Advisor Thought Leader meeting: 6 takeaways for firms This past week, I participated in CPA Practice Advisor’s annual Thought Leader meeting alongside CPAPA’s “40 Under 40” top…

CPA Consultant’s Alliance: 2 most important takeaways

A few weeks ago, I participated in the CPA Consultant’s Alliance (CPACA) forum. The CPA Consultant’s Alliance (CPACA) “is a working group of thought leaders united in their efforts to…

The Procrastinator’s guide to work productivity (Pt. 2)

Whether or not you struggle with tackling jobs as it comes in—all of us could benefit from a work productivity tip or two. Join me for another light-hearted look at common procrastination habits and how to overcome them with productivity tips (that actually work.)

The Procrastinator’s guide to work productivity (Pt. 1)

I am a self-proclaimed expert procrastinator. Or, I used to be. Find out how I’ve been able to overcome my procrastination habits, redefine my schedule, and improve my work productivity with these expert tips.

October: Cyber Crime, Data Protection and Weather Profiting

From cloud security thwarting attacks to profiting from a flood—our October wrap-up has it all. Learn how cloud technology protects accounting firms from natural disasters, cyber threats and more. Enter if you dare!

The “Great American Office” in a Post-Pandemic World

What does the future of remote work look like? It’s murky at best, but there’s one thing we know: No matter where a firm workplace is, the work needs aren’t changing. Learn how Cloud Premier helps firms work securely—wherever the office is—today.

September: Security, Auditing, and Remote Work Essentials

What’s even scarier than someone hacking just “because”? When that someone is a someone you trust—and possibly even hired—at work. In this post, we’ll be easin’ into spooky season with a wrap-up of advice about protecting your firm from external and internal threats.

5 of my favorite remote work technologies

A successful WFH strategy requires superior technology. Here’s what you need to know. Health insurance. Retirement. Paid time off. These have been traditionally required benefits that every business needs to…

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