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How the cloud enables businesses to go remote


A few months ago, the world came to a screeching halt as employees in businesses across the US were sent home.

Seemingly overnight, the remote workforce jumped from 7 percent to nearly 30 percent, and IT teams, business owners, and firm partners scrambled to support their userbases any way they knew how.

At Right Networks, our dedicated team pulled dual-monitor setups and charging accessories, setting up a nationwide team of 250 people within a few hours to comfortably work from home.

There wasn’t a flash drive to be seen, a VPN being spun-up, nor any rapid-fire emails being sent to personal inboxes with in-progress documents attached.

And the next morning, our team logged in from home. And we’re still at home. And you know how many hours we lost due to the transition?


How we were able to go remote in 24 hours

Prior to the nationwide lockdowns, we already had a system set in place that would allow us to collaborate easily with each other. We share documents securely, we can work with each other in real-time, and most importantly: we know that upon login every morning, our work will be there.

This is because of the cloud.

Cloud technology means having access to your business’s resources on-demand, whenever you need them. It also means permission-based access, back-ups that run without human intervention, and assurance that the file you’re working on is the latest version.

It means flexibility, fewer IT headaches, and more time to do the things that matter… like running a business.

And right now, there’s nothing more important to Right Networks than making it possible for every business out there to have the flexibility that we had on day 1 of the lockdown.

That’s why we’re making the Right Networks cloud packages available to everyone for 50 percent off for 3 months.

There are no contracts to sign and zero commitments; payment cycles are monthly, so you can determine for yourself if the cloud is as helpful a tool as it was (and continues to be) for us.

Set an appointment to discuss your options here.

Maybe you’re thinking–I just can’t afford another expense right now!

That’s fair. Times are tough on everyone; we can’t know when businesses will begin opening up again, but we can prepare for it.

Think of it this way: if you tried Right Networks’ base-level package, QuickBooks Desktop Cloud, you would pay $28.50/month. Or $7.13/week. Or $1.43 per day.

And if you’re anything like this writer, your untapped coffee budget would cover that easily.

The cloud = certainty

We can’t determine exactly when what and how we will all get back to work–and if you’re afraid of spending money, that’s completely understandable. The uncertainty is exhausting; the forced decision makes it worse:

  1. Go back to work, and risk not having enough customers to cover operating expenses.
  2. Stay home, and risk not having a business to go back to.

But somewhere in the middle lies a solution: the cloud

For employees who are in and out of QuickBooks Desktop, Google Chrome, PDF readers, files, and Outlook getting their job done, and who need confidential files stored in an easy-to-access centralized, secure location–the cloud is the answer. If at some point you want to add other related applications such as billing, sales tax, expense management, payroll, or more, we can help you there, too!

Check out our application directory for a complete list of our hosted applications.

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