Creates first integration app for QuickBooks Desktop with capabilities on par with QuickBooks Online

Right Networks, the leading provider of cloud solutions for accounting professionals, is announcing the deployment of its recently-acquired Autofy integration platform into the company’s hosted QuickBooks Desktop environment. By deploying Autofy as an integral part of Right Networks’ cloud, the company has created the first, and only, hosted solution supporting 24×7 data transfer and synchronization between QuickBooks Desktop and the variety of third-party SaaS applications used by its diverse customer base.

Right Networks calls this capability “Always On” because applications can now automatically transfer data to/from QuickBooks Desktop company files anytime, around-the-clock, even when a user is not logged in. Other hosting providers can only support application data integration with QuickBooks Desktop when a user is logged into a specific company file and a third-party application is simultaneously requesting a data sync.

“With the deployment of Autofy, Right Networks has created an applications ecosystem for QuickBooks Desktop which is in every way equivalent to, and as capable as, that of QuickBooks Online,” said Joel Hughes, CEO of Right Networks. “ISVs can integrate to the web-based Autofy API to gain 24/7 access to QuickBooks company files, whether they are QuickBooks Online files or QuickBooks Desktop files hosted in the Right Networks cloud.”

“Always On” enables many use-cases critical to accounting professionals and their clients, allowing:

  • third-shift productivity for mobile workers using time management apps
  • overnight inventory synchronization for manufacturing apps
  • scheduled, automatic monthly financial reports used by banks and lenders

Further, the seamless operation of SaaS integrations in the Right Networks cloud is a boon to third-party ISVs who can lower their onboarding and support costs relative to classic on-premise Desktop users, who are notoriously challenging to support.

“SPS Commerce has teamed with Autofy and Right Networks as a strategic partner to extend our leadership in the Intuit market,” said Mark O’Leary, Chief Marketing Officer at SPS Commerce. “The partnership takes advantage of our shared passion for driving innovation and delivering the very best service to our customers.”

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