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Is Job Costing, Costing You Jobs?


Job Costing in QuickBooks on the Right Networks Cloud.

For modern-minded construction company managers, hard hats and job costing reports have become synonymous with completing a project. However, these historically “paper” processes have evolved into multiple applications. Employees’ hours, clients’ expenses, and the overall profitability of a project all contribute to the bottom line – but how much time does reporting on the total cost of a job take out of billable hours?

Because time is money, construction companies are turning to the Right Networks Cloud to transform their business operations. By partnering with us to host the applications that increase efficiency of your day-to-day, your job costing practices are streamlined. Using QuickBooks desktop to assign and allocate the costs that your company incurs is easiest when matched with exceptional support backed by proven technology.

Our Application Cloud package offers construction workers:
  • Easy collaboration between clients and workers while on site
  • A simplified, remote IT infrastructure so that you can work from the trailer or the truck!
  • Premier security on all hosted applications
  • “Construct” your business as usual with continual backups and no scheduled downtime

Now, let’s look at QuickBooks desktop. Knowing how much you are making for each individual job is vital to ensuring your company’s profitability because after all – who wants to pay for someone else’s home addition?

With QuickBooks Desktop aiding in your job-costing reports, you can:
  • Dig into each project’s profitability
  • View job estimates and discover what they’re actually costing
  • Easily spot a budget overrun
  • Manage multiple jobs in one single sign-on

With over 700k construction companies competing for business, what is yours doing to stand out?


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