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July: New Technology, Software Guinea Pigs and More


Accounting Technology News, Events and Innovation | July, 2021

“The Times They Are a-Changin'”

Bob Dylan released that song in 1964—but he may as well have been talking about accounting in 2021.

Technology has made accounting faster. More efficient. Less manual. Paper is out and integrated processes are in.

And if you’re unwilling to commit to the new faster standard … well, you really don’t have a choice.

Clients have come to expect a higher level of service with innovative technology (and per the IRS) any individual handling taxpayer information must be able to prove that technology follows the “Security Six“.

The changin’ times will keep on changin’. Luckily, this month was all about how accounting professionals can adapt to those changes in a more manageable way.

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  1. Rootworks Announces Business Model Basics
  2. Reap the Benefits ($) of Accounting Technology
  3. Become a Software Guinea Pig; Improve Client Services
  4. Boomer Technology Circles Summit


Rootworks Announces Business Model Basics

This past Tuesday at AICPA ENGAGE in Las Vegas, Rootworks announced Business Model Basics (BMB)! BMB—the accounting profession’s only guided firm-improvement roadmap—is an interactive tool designed to help firms solve common operational pain points and build a scalable business. Congratulations Rootworks! Register for a free webinar or schedule a demo to learn more.


Reap the Benefits ($) of Accounting Technology

Accounting technology changes constantly. Firms need to know how to evaluate it regularly and get the most out of what they’re using. Discover how to build a tech stack that will maximize efficiency and improve client service with a minimum of hassle and expense by downloading our new eBook: Accounting Tech Stack: How to Build and Benefit From Firm Apps, Software, Tools


Become a Software Guinea Pig; Improve Client Services

The fastest way to promote a new client service offer? Test the offer within your organization first. In 5 Opportunities to Upgrade Your Firm’s Tech Stack, Roman Kepczyk dives deep into why technology used with clients and technology used for internal processes should be one in the same. Find out which processes he suggests starting with by reading his article today.


Boomer Technology Circles (BTC) Summit

Catch up with us at BTC Summit 2021 in Kansas City, MO (or virtually) this August 8 – 11. Any firm manager, IT professional, or practice leader interested in improving their firm workflows with innovative technologies should consider attending! Not a Boomer Technology Circles™ or Boomer Process Circle™ member yet? No problem—learn more about memberships and this year’s conference by visiting Boomer’s event page. Visit


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