By Roman Kepczyk, CPA.CITP, CGMA, PAFM | Last Updated: August 12, 2021 minute read

Lean Six Sigma Accounting [Webinar Series]


Accelerate Your Accounting Workflows Using Lean Six Sigma Principles

Another lengthy tax season is now behind us. And while it may be tempting to pump the brakes and coast through to extension season…that won’t make the next busy season any easier.

Take advantage of this short reprieve and register for our upcoming 4-part webinar series: The Road Trip to Productivity: Lean Six Sigma Accounting Firm Optimization

With Lean Six Sigma as your map and Roman Kepczyk (Six Sigma Black Belt and CPA) as your guide—attendees are sure to accelerate their firms into a more productive and profitable future.

Get an overview of each “stop” along The Road Trip to Productivity below—and don’t forget to subscribe to the Right Networks blog for even more information about this exciting new series!

Part 1: Lean Essentials

Get your bearings during this introductory-level program, where Roman will share the key components of Lean Six Sigma, how to identify which processes need improvement and more.

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Part 2: Lean Tax

Find out which tools and apps make tax production more efficient, then learn how to integrate them into your practice’s existing technology and infrastructure.

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Part 3: Lean Assurance and Accounting

The rapid shift to WFH last year changed the accounting and assurance landscape for good. Learn how addressing this shift with remote work technology today can set your firm up for long-term success.

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Part 4: Lean Firm Administration and Management

Learn how to optimize your busy season debrief meeting to produce actionable steps for firm improvement, how to apply Lean principles to back-office procedures and more.

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