By: Mike Ferrigno
Content Marketing and Channel Enablement Manager

If you are a Right Networks customer, you know the value of cloud-enabling your clients as well as your own organization. It makes perfect sense. Cloud hosting your desktop applications brings all the features and benefits of the cloud – anytime, anywhere access, connecting with your clients in a fully managed environment, as well as, the additional functionality that exists with robust desktop software – in a single solution.

As you may know, the growth levers at CPA firms, accounting practices, and small businesses include acquisition, retention, referral, and revenue. But at the end of the day, all business-to-business growth comes from putting your customer first (really!). So how do you leverage the cloud to grow?

Acquisition: Entice new customers with value-based services

From the client’s perspective, the thought of an hourly fee from their CPA firm or accounting professional can be a non-starter. Ultimately, they’re unsure how long it’s going to take to perform the tasks they need – so they don’t have good insight into what costs they might incur. With Right Networks – you have more time and more options to provide some of those strategic services – like business coaching or financial planning. Use that as an opportunity to offer ongoing advice on how your clients can improve cash flow and do other things that will help the financial aspects of their business. You’ve now switched from hourly-based, compliance tasks to value-based, advisory services.

Aimee Engle, founder and owner of AE Possibilities, which provides small business bookkeeping and QuickBooks consulting services, focuses on building trust in order to overcome the pre-conceived notions of hourly-tasks in the accounting field. She often fields calls and pitches ideas on how prospective clients can use applications tied into QuickBooks Desktop to solve larger problems for their businesses. Once there is an increased level of trust, her prospective clients are quicker to realize the value she adds as a business advisor.

Retention: Better connections create “sticky” clients

From the client-side, small businesses expect to be serviced in real-time, which is not always possible in traditional accounting models. Maybe your clients would like to see updates and edits done within their financials in real-time and not have to wait until they receive a copy of their updated file from their CPA firm. Having the ability to see the client’s data and answer any questions they have at any time makes a huge difference and a positive impact on your relationship with your clients. When you’re in the cloud, you’re no longer in a position where you are only able to access or view your client’s data from your office.

With Right Networks, accounting professionals, and their small business clients establish a connection that lasts, enabling CPA firms, accounting professionals, and small-businesses to build better businesses.

Revenue: time = money

With the Right Networks cloud, you no longer have to install or maintain software on your local machine. When you’re accessing your desktop applications in the cloud, your local machine becomes a terminal for access. That means no more wasted time patching, upgrading, updating, and troubleshooting. The cost of physical IT infrastructure – like servers, storage space, increased bandwidth, and so forth –  is high. And, if you need staff to maintain all of that hardware – as most people do – the cost is of course, a lot higher. The cloud frees-up resources to expand your offerings, do more client prospecting, and add more staff in revenue-generating areas.

Engle has seen this first hand. “With worry-free IT and added mobility, combined with less stress, that has led to fewer expenses and higher profits for my business since signing up with Right Networks.”

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