Time tracking is important and there are many potential options on the market.  One option available on Right Networks is eBillity – which seamlessly integrates your time tracking needs with your QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

We’ve helped you host your QuickBooks Desktop software in the cloud so you can work more efficiently, and now with eBillity you’ll be able to track time for invoicing and payroll in the cloud too. eBillity is an online time tracking solution that syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop so business owners like you can save time on invoicing and payroll, if you are using the Right Networks’ Application Cloud.

Since 2012, eBillity customers have logged more than 637 million hours, and many of these were synced to QuickBooks Desktop!

How it works:
  • Step 1: Log your time in Time Tracker from any device, anywhere. Your employees can track time from the convenience of our mobile, desktop, and web applications.
  • Step 2: The admin (the bookkeeper or supervisor), has the option to review, approve and reject employee time entries. You’ll always know what’s going on, even when you’re not there.
  • Step 3: Now you can sync your time entries to QuickBooks Desktop in a single click for easy billing and payroll!
How it looks in QuickBooks Dekstop

Once you approve employee time entries, you can sync the entries to QuickBooks Desktop in just a few clicks. All the fields will populate correctly so you’ll never have to make another manual entry for invoicing or payroll. It’s fast and easy to create invoices in QuickBooks Desktop.

Do even more with your time

To top it off, you’ll get an accurate understanding of your team’s time and productivity. Tracking payroll items and classes in QuickBooks Desktop is simple. You can easily conduct job costing and you’ll see a weekly report of your team’s time, showing you the employees and customers that are making you the most money.

Find out what else Time Tracker can do for you and your business! Learn more

Happy time tracking.

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