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Securing Your Business in the Wake of A Storm


When preparing for a natural disaster, such as the impending land fall of Hurricane Florence this weekend, there are essentials that come to mind. Water, food, non-perishables. Tax advisers along with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) remind businesses of some other important tasks to add on the to-do list. These tasks are based around securing important documents and records before heading to safety. On a business to business basis, we may be able to better prioritize these tasks, but in general they are applicable to all.

How and Where to Back up Documents? 

Backing up documents is a crucial part of the preparation process in a natural disaster. If your business is already equipped with the cloud, then you are safe in that regard. If your business does not currently use the cloud, back up documents on emails and flash drives to ensure safety. Keeping multiple copies of documents will ensure their safe return after the storm. Make sure that any physical documents are secured in water tight bins on site. Keep important contacts somewhere accessible, including but not limited to employees, accountants, suppliers, banks, and transportation services.

Peace of Mind

Assuring your customers of their safety is another important step. Contacting any customers that you can to assure them their information is secure. Whether this means informing them about your cloud use, or other precautions taken. This will help ease their minds during, as well as after the storm. These tips are not only applicable to the south this week while preparing for Hurricane Florence but are tasks to keep in mind during any storm, natural disaster, or simply moving business locations.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe

While it is important to secure your business before the storm, nothing is more important than keeping yourself safe. Make sure that you and your family are in a safe area. Stock up on water, batteries, nonperishable items. If possible, seek shelter in a more secure location and wait out the storm. If evacuation is not a viable option, here are some helpful tips in preparing for a hurricane. Remember that documents, buildings and materials are replaceable, but you are not. Stay safe this week and know that the nation keeps those affected by the storm in our thoughts.


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