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The “New Normal” Is Here


Raise your hand if you had a complicated tax season. 🙋‍♀‍🙋‍♂‍

Whether you run a CPA firm, work for a CPA firm, or work in a business’s financial department, there’s a good chance your metaphorical hand shot up before you even finished reading the above sentence.

There’s no question as to why this tax season was complicated

At the height of it, most states issued a stay-at-home order for… almost everyone.

“Laptop professionals” (a phrase I just coined) were the lucky ones. Anyone with the ability to pick up their laptop, bring it home, and continue to work, did so.

Some were able to adapt their workforce quickly and efficiently. Others sought out a solution to make remote access easier right away, that very same week.

And lastly, there were the people (me) who thought that the stay-at-home order would last a month or two, and we’d all be able to return to the office by June. And to their point, why invest in a remote access solution if everyone would be returning to the office in a matter of weeks?

The “new normal” is right now

And now, four months later, the term “new normal” isn’t a distant future concept or an overused buzzword. It’s present-day culture. It’s not new anymore, and it’s here to stay.

So why not make it easier, today, to work from anywhere, while also delivering standout remote services for clients?

Cloud technology not only enables teams to work in-sync from anywhere, but it also provides clients with the assurance that their data is protected from cyber-threats, securely backed-up in multiple offsite locations, and always available to them.

Simply put: the cloud makes work easier

It makes the location of your office just a place on the map, rather than a storage hub for confidential, business-critical information.
The cloud provides certainty during the uncertain and operational continuity no matter where your laptop’s plugged in. Learn more about the packages making work-from-home easier for firms, and the businesses they serve, today.


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