Two years ago (before mask mandates and aisle arrows) we published our first blog post related to CAS, entitled The Path to Advisory Services.

The article is chock-full of important steps firm members must take when considering if they should offer clients’ advisory services. And while the steps are still vital (and the article well worth a read) a lot has changed since its 2019 publication. (Understatement of the decade.) Notably, the word “if” doesn’t often precede a firm’s evaluation of offering client advisory services anymore.

The fact is: Technologies that support the accounting profession have advanced to a level that enables automation of transactional compliance services. 

The quote from The Path to Advisory Services article speaks for itself. In 2019, according to our Director of Firm IT Strategy, Roman Kepczyk:

I have never seen the evolution of accounting tools and technology and the reduction of traditional compliance work occur as rapidly as has happened in the past two years.

That was written two years ago. Accounting tools and technology have only advanced further; traditional compliance work has decreased even more.

It’s no longer “if” your firm should offer clients’ advisory services…it’s when.

We’ve collected our top CAS-related articles from 2020 (plus a few from trusted sources) to help firms navigate the client accounting and advisory path. Read on to get all of the information you need to ensure advisory services offers will be lasting, long-term successes at your firm.


NOW Is the Time to Act!

One of our most popular whitepapers to date. Within, we discuss how any-sized firm can get started offering advisory services. If you’re new to CAAS, and wondering about that extra “A” Right Networks adds into the CAAS acronym, start here.

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Skills Needed for Building an Effective CAAS Team

Who should make up your client advisory services team? Which positions should you hire first? Do you have to hire any additional personnel? Get these questions answered and more in the article.

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Build Your Tech Stack with CAS Purpose

Published on, this article takes technology decision-makers through the various phases of developing their firm’s client advisory services “tech stack.” Starting with “identifying the accounting information systems most utilized,” this precise how-to post leaves nothing up to interpretation.

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Transforming Your Accounting Services Personnel to a Client Advisory Mindset

You’ve got the “who?” and “with what?” questions answered—don’t neglect the”why?”. Without widespread firm acceptance, new advisory service offers may never even get the chance to launch. Getting everyone (everyone) aboard and excited about advisory services is the ultimate key to its success. Learn how to address the stakeholders at your firm.

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Five Key Mindsets to Build a Successful CAS Practice

Another one of our favorites from This article uncovers why the adoption of CAS isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” type of offer. Advisory practices need to think longer-term if they want to become their clients’ trusted advisor. Get the tips on focusing your mind, and your firm’s culture, on exactly how to do it.

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Business Advisory Services

This standout eBook, published by Rootworks, teaches firms how to cash in on client advisory work by creating repeatable and highly profitable “off-the-shelf” advisory products.

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Advisory services are mutually beneficial for accounting and tax firms and their clients. And the aforementioned articles, eBooks, and whitepapers will all contribute to your firm’s successful adoption of them.

Help clients solve for their present circumstances, while you position their business (and your firm) for a lucrative future, by offering client accounting and advisory services, today.

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