By Darren Root on May 8, 2018 minute read

Transforming Your CPA Firm


Elevating CPA firm staff efficiency with a move to the cloud


Just this morning, I was thinking back over the last few years. It’s astonishing to me that the world looks significantly different than it did just a few years ago. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are dominating new investment dollars for businesses and software developers. And driver-less cars are an actual reality. There is no arguing that change is rapid and constant, and the accounting profession is no different.

Today, cloud technologies are at the center of a modern, well-run CPA firm. The cloud has been evolving over the last ten years. While many firms have made the transition, there are several that have yet to make the move. This is a change that cannot be negotiated. The cloud is the key to operating at peak efficiency, so the time to transition is now.



I’ve long had my firm in the cloud. We won’t even consider any solution that is not accessible via a browser and a supporting mobile app. A core motivator for us is our staff. We consistently ask ourselves: “How can we set up staff to work most efficiently?” The primary answer is always: The cloud. We rely on cloud technologies to streamline both client work and internal communications, so staff are always operating as efficiently as possible.



First considering client work…our firm has relied on Right Networks to streamline transactional processes. For example, via the cloud, staff can easily access client data whenever needed— daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly in order to produce on-demand financial reports and process tax returns in a timely manner. This also enables staff to clean up data along the way, instead of waiting on data backup files. Without the cloud, we could not provide our clients with the level of service we do.



For internal communications, we also have moved entirely to the cloud. Just this year, we transitioned our firm to Google’s G-Suite productivity tools and Slack for internal employee communication. Salesforce serves as our CRM system, and Liscio is in place as our client communication platform. Combined, these systems offer a powerful, integrated and efficient cloud technology infrastructure for our staff to collaborate with one another and clients. It’s all cloud all the time in our firm, and we wouldn’t (and couldn’t) have it any other way!

We’ve drawn a definitive line in the sand when it comes to cloud technology. Basically, it’s the cloud or nothing. It’s the way our staff want to work, and the only way to ensure we are always running at peak productivity and supporting our clients with the level of service they’ve come to expect of us.


If you are looking for more information and even a road-map to moving your firm to the cloud and becoming a modern firm, visit us at and create a free trial account.


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