By Kiara Williams July 22, 2020

‘Twas the Week After Deadline

‘Twas the week after deadline, and all through the firm, not a Tax Pro was working while stuck in their home.

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Normally, “Christmas in July” and post-tax season vacations don’t fall in the same week.

And given the circumstances of the extension, along with our CPAs’ already-tight schedules, we’re hoping that this never happens again. However, here at Right Networks, we saw an opportunity to provide our CPAs with a light-hearted look at what the cloud can provide, to the cadence of Clement C. Moore’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas” because … why not?


‘Twas the week after deadline, and all through the firm,
not a tax pro was working while stuck in their home.

The partners recovered (socially distanced, of course),
with the hope 10/15 would stop creeping so close.

“This year has been hell, for more reasons than one
and in spite of it all, our team got it done!

“We thought ‘19 was tough, with the IRS 6,
but we’d take upping security, over coronavirus.

“Record unemployment, the shutdowns, extensions,
learning the CARES Act, and paycheck protection.

“First—a vacation, then, an easier way…
there must be an answer for overworked CPAs.”

Just then… a message! flashed ‘cross the screen
“But… what is this ‘cloud’ and what does it mean?

“Anytime, anywhere? that seems improbable…
I’m used to my laptop already making that possible!”

And then, to their hesitant eyes did appear,
examples and details of the cloud in full gear!

Backups of files, replications of data,
guarded offsite, and quick to find later.

Full-featured QuickBooks, with vertical specs,
available anywhere, with internet access!

Security made simple, threat-monitoring standard,
support when you need it, “Our question’s been answered!

“The cloud translates to access, security, peace-of-mind…
a fool-proof technology, laptops alone can’t provide.

“With no certain timeline, of when “normal” resumes,
why not try out the cloud? We’ve got nothing to lose.”

Enough IT headaches, The solution’s been found:
To make work-from-home easier: CPAs need the cloud.


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