Occasionally, a QuickBooks Desktop user wants to confirm that emails are being sent from QuickBooks but are not seeing the emails in the Sent folder of their email client. Below are a few ways to help a user view emails to check if QuickBooks is actually sending emails to the user. You can also download these instructions in PDF form.

Before proceeding with any of the other steps, confirm that the user has the correct email address:
  1. Go to Customer Center and double-click on the customer to edit the information.
  2. In the Address Info tab, verify that the email address for the customers is accurate and formatted correctly.view emails edit customer
To view all emails sent to a specific customer in QuickBooks 2014 or later:
  1. Navigate to Customers and then to Customer Center.view emails customer center
  2. Select a customer and click on the Sent Email tab.view emails sent emails
To view all emails sent to a specific invoice QuickBooks 2013:
  1. Navigate to the invoice in question.
  2. Select History (at the top of the invoice tool bar). You should see the status of sent date and send method (email).
If a user would like to add themselves as a BCC to all emails sent so that a record is always stored in their email client:
  1. Go to Edit then Preferences.
    view emails edit preferences
  2. Select Send Forms then Company Preferences.
  3. Type your own email address in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field.
    • This will send a copy of any form you email to you as well as the other recipient(s).
    • If you get the copy and the recipient’s email address recorded is correct, then this should indicate that the email has been sent from QuickBooks.

view emails blind copy preferences

As mentioned before, you can download these instructions here. You can also watch this quick video tutorial explaining these steps.

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