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Streamlined tracking and review with cloud-enabled accounting.
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We’ve been serving nonprofit customers for over a decade.

Right Networks helps you securely transition your accounting-based desktop applications into the cloud, regardless of which version you’re using, so you can use the familiar desktop software you know and love. As a partner you can trust, we take away the burden of IT, and make our support team available 24/7/365, so you have more time to focus on your cause. This makes keeping close track of your finances and operations so much easier. And your CPA or board members can access your books from anywhere.

The nonprofits we work with:

Connect medical professionals

Empower small business owners

Maintain local public libraries

Sponsor art studios


of new businesses use the cloud


savings for businesses who move to the cloud.


revenue increase for users who move to the cloud

Quickbooks Desktop, in the cloud

Easily work in the cloud. Track funds from contributions, membership dues, program revenues, fundraising events, and grants with the desktop software you love.


As many files as can fit in 5GB, 10GB, or 50GB of storage.


Nonprofit financial officers can share data with their auditors or board members. No need to transfer large files insecurely over email or on paper, your CPA can simply login to review your books.

24/7/365 Support

We’re here for you, day and night — literally. Our team of experts is always available no matter when you need them or what for. It’s like having your own personal IT team on call, but way more affordable.

We believe accounting can be done better – so much better – in the cloud.

We know your budget goes towards supporting your cause. That’s why we offer a 20% discount to all 501(c)(3) customers.* Make sure you sign up with your CPA.

*Must submit proof of 501(c)(3) status, offer valid for new customers joining Right Networks 11/15/17 or later.

Application Cloud for Non-Profits

A hosted offering created for Non-Profit organizations.

From donor management to full client releation management tools, Application Cloud for Non-Profits presents a fully currated array of applications taylored to meet every business need. We want processes made simple, so that non-profit organizations can focus on their cause.

Streamline your business from lead to repeat and anything in between. Simplify your operations and increase your sales. Methods deep QuickBooks sync and no-code customization engine enables businesses to achieve your optimal workflows.
Donor management platform built for growing nonprofits. Help you develop meaningful relationships with your donors and raise more money. Create unlimited, custom donation pages, and peer-to-peer campaigns.
Enables businesses to put into place systems and processes to grow. Ideal for teams of 10 to 100+ people, Legrand CRM is a very practical tool that will facilitate business growth.
One-click solution to access all of your data from QuickBooks by exporting it directly and painlessly to one or more Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

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