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Earn bigger rewards until Feb. 15 while sharing discounts with your referrals.

Access tools directly from your advocate portal to make referring new candidates simple and quick.

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You'll also find success stories, eBooks and product fact sheets to share with your network, right in your dashboard.

New Year’s Promotion

Earn even more! Get 50 percent over the standard one-time payout for referrals you qualify between now and February 15.

Advance to higher levels and increase your rewards based on the number of qualified referrals you make within the same calendar year.

Promotions ends February 15, 2021. Terms and conditions apply.
Firm Size Advocate Premier Advocate Raving Fan
10-20 users¹
$500 Now: $750
$750 Now: $1,125
$1,000 Now: $1,500
21-49 users
$1,000 Now: $1,500
$1,500 Now: $2,250
$2,000 Now: $3,000
50+ users
$2,000 Now: $3,000
$3,000 Now: $4,500
$4,000 Now: $6,000
¹ Right Networks Cloud Premier referrals have a minimum of 10 users per firm. Any firm having less than 10 users will not qualify as a referral.
² A qualified referral will earn you a one-time cash reward.

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First-time Members

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Existing Members

Earn cash rewards for your Rootworks Digital or Digital + referrals.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, download the Right Networks Advocates Program FAQ document or send us an email.

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