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Every day, we work with accounting and tax professionals to simplify, secure, and scale their business. We know that the return on investment is a key measurement in your decision-making process.

We built this ROI calculator to compare the cost of Right Networks cloud-hosting versus setting up your own local environment. Simply input the values for your firm or business and see how Right Networks can provide significant cost savings.

*Disclaimer: This ROI Calculator provides an estimate of potential monthly savings and is not a guaranteed, quote, price, or agreement. Results depend on the cost estimates entered into the calculator. Estimated Cloud-Hosted Costs is based on our estimates of your package needs and are subject to change. User licensing, additional infrastructure costs like redundancy, monitoring, and software updates are not included.

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Right Networks Cloud-Hosting ROI Calculator

Step 1: Enter the amount you currently spend to support your users

General Information




Enter the price you paid (or expect to pay) for networking hardware. These costs will be allocated over three years, the average lifespan of a server.




Server Operations

Enter the estimated amount you spend per user on each of the following.




Maintenance & Support




Step 2: Estimate your Right Networks pricing

Right Networks User Counts

Of your 20 current users, indicate how many will use each of our packages. Your selections must total 20.




Your Results

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On-Premise Costs

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Estimated Cloud-Hosted Costs

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Potential Monthly Savings


Don't forget about these benefits of the cloud:

Built-in Collaboration Tools

In the cloud, you stay connected to your team and clients, which streamlines workflow.

Enterprise-level Security

Enterprise-Class Security

Work confidently, knowing your data is safe and secure, managed by a team of experts.

24-7 Technical Support

24/7 Technical Support

Sometimes you work in the middle of the night… we do too. Our tech support team is always available 24/7.

“You don’t really think about the team behind Right Networks until you need them, but when you do they are there in a big way and they handle your challenge quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend them for a great hosted environment.”

Carmen Margy Spruill

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