Hosted Office 365

Secure environment, innovative integration

Right Networks makes it possible for customers to gain access to their key financial and productivity tools and data anytime, anywhere. Gain efficiency and focus with both Office 365 and QuickBooks available within the hosted cloud environment. 

Hosted Microsoft Office 365

Enjoy all the benefits of the Right Networks hosted desktop in a multi-tenant environment with cost-effective and seamless integration within one cloud workspace. The options below are available to you in your Right Networks hosted desktop.

Hosted Office 365 

Productivity, collaboration and BI delivered fast, with smooth upgrades.

$15.00* per user/month

Up to 5 devices
PC, Mac, IOS, Android

Hosted Office 365 

Collaboration services coupled with advanced compliance and full IT power.

$26.00* per user/month

Up to 5 devices
PC, Mac, IOS, Android

Hosted Office 365 E5
w/o PSTN Conferencing

The most comprehensive Office 365 offering built for teams and networks.

$42.50* per user/month

Up to 5 devices 
PC, Mac, IOS, Android

Hosted Office 365 available for purchase from Right Networks. Call (866) 489-1563 ext. 1

How can I bring my Office into the cloud? 

I don't have Office 365, and I would like to purchase my license from Right Networks. 

Each purchased user license can be used on up to five devices, including one for your hosted Right Networks environment. Our Cloud Solutions Specialists are happy to help you select the version of Office that is the best fit for your business. Then, we'll walk you through bringing your office into the cloud! 

I have Office 365, and I would like to transfer my license to Right Networks

It's easy to bring your Office 365 license to Right Networks. Transfer your existing Office 365 license and upgrade to Office 365 Pro Plus, E3, E5 to include free Office hosting on your existing Right Networks Hosted Desktop. Simply speak with one of our Cloud Solutions Specialists to initiate the transfer process. 

I have Office 365, and I would like to stay with my existing service provider. 

No problem! You can bring your own ProPlus, E3 or E5 Office 365 license into the Right Networks environment and remain with your existing service provider. A member of our Cloud Solutions Team can help you get started today!   


What is Shared Computer Activation (SCA)? 

Microsoft enabled Shared Computer Activation (SCA) in Office 365 so that multiple ProPlus users access multiple environments – on-premises, cloud hosted, or Azure-based - from multiple devices with just one license. This gives customers the flexibility to take advantage of existing Office 365 ProPlus licensing investments when deploying to the cloud. Learn more about Shared Computer Activation (SCA) for Office 365 ProPlus. 

For those who prefer, Office 365 is also available as a separate application layer outside of the SCA deployment.  

*Product offered under an annual contract.