Track the health of your business with Insights

Make sense of the business and customer stories buried in your accounting data.

Empower your team and your business with information you already have to make better business decisions. Get a complete picture of the health of your business with the automated, intelligent and statistics-packed analytics of Insights.

Insights dashboard
Keep a pulse on your business
  • Analyzes data, keeping tabs on your KPIs, like customer lifetime value (LTV), sales trends, concentration risk, product pricing and collections performance.
  • Alerts you to potential issues before they become a problem.
  • Gives you recommended actions to take based on automated client segmentation and advanced analytics of your own sales data.
Insights client list
Understand your clients better
Easily take the guesswork out of where to focus your efforts with automated client segmentation. Insights instantly:
  • Uncovers your best (and worst) clients.
  • Flags those at risk for churn.
  • Identifies clients who are a possible mismatch for your services.
  • Provides recommended actions to take—including prioritization of effort—based on clients’ purchasing behaviors, customer LTV, payment history and risk profile.
collections dashboard
Streamline collections and receive payments faster
Effortlessly review collection performance and target inefficient payers with our collection effectiveness tracking and prioritized invoices list. Insights helps you:
  • Optimize cash flow by tracking collection performance over time and take swift action if your collection effectiveness drops.
  • Streamline collection efforts and know where to start with automatically prioritized invoices list.
  • Prioritize the customers that need credit limits or payment terms adjusted based on past payment performance.
stale pricing dashboard
Grow revenue and improve profitability
Directly understand how to increase revenue and improve profitability with the stale pricing feature. Insights will:
  • Automatically surface and prioritize which clients and services haven’t had price increases in over a year.
  • Show how much your annual revenue would increase if you adjusted prices to account for inflation.
  • Identify the clients and services where a price increase would significantly impact your bottom line.

Change the way you see your business

Gain insights. Be empowered to take action. Create the business of your dreams. Start tracking the health of your business today!

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