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Cloud-enable your QuickBooks Desktop, with all the apps you need, connected. For more information on the benefits of moving to the cloud, QuickBooks hosting pricing and for your personalized quote, contact sales at 888-210-0237.
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Application Cloud

All the apps you need, connected

  • Everything in Business Cloud
  • Unlimited Applications from our application directory*
  • Microsoft Office Standard
  • Up to 50GB Secure Cloud Storage
  • Buy, Lease, or bring your own QuickBooks Desktop license**

Business Cloud

Your key productivity tools, cloud-enabled

  • Everything in QuickBooks Desktop Cloud
  • Cloud connected Expensify,, and T-sheets*
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Up to 10GB Secure Cloud Storage
  • Buy, Lease, or bring your own QuickBooks Desktop license**

QuickBooks Desktop Cloud

Cloud connected accounting

  • QuickBooks Desktop in the Cloud
  • Google Chrome, PDF Editor and printing software
  • Up to 5GB Secure Cloud Storage
  • Buy, Lease, or bring your own QuickBooks Desktop license**

* Over 150+ applications are currently supported on Right Networks, but these are subject to change. Licensing and/or subscriptions for third-party applications are not included and would be provided by the vendor. Third-party applications have no additional hosting fees, with the exception of Transaction Pro which has an additional $25 per user per month hosting fee. License for Microsoft products is included.
** Intuit charges a $5.00/month/user commercial hosting fee. If leasing QuickBooks through Right Networks, additional fees will apply depending on your preferred QuickBooks version.

All QuickBooks hosting plans have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Flexible plans for you and your clients

Our cloud accounting packages were built with you in mind. Cloud-connected accounting professionals count as one user per month. Then clients can either pay Right Networks directly as one user per month or, Right Networks can charge the accounting professional for themselves (one user per month) and their clients (per client per month).

For example, if you’re an accounting professional with three clients, and you want Right Networks to bill your clients directly, you would pay for yourself each month (one user) and your clients would pay for themselves each month (one user) for a total of four users per month.

accounting cloud packages for firms and clients

Benefits of the Right Networks Cloud

No matter the cloud package you choose, we’ll always provide benefits that will help transform your business. Our solutions offer the best in security, support, and connectivity.

Secure Storage

Your QuickBooks files are stored in the cloud, not locally, keeping them safe from disaster and available for easy-access.

Connected Collaboration

Organizing and collaborating with clients and their files not only improves your workflow, but builds lasting relationships.

24/7/365 Support

Sometimes you work in the middle of the night . . . we do, too. Our tech support team is always available.

Dedicated Security Team

Security is our top priority. You can feel safe knowing our security team is always protecting your data.

Top Tier Data Centers

We store your data in the same data centers used by multinational corporations and big banks. You can be confident your data is protected.

90 Day Backup

You can have peace of mind knowing that your files are automatically backed up every day, and safely stored for 90 days.

Easy Team Management

Manage access easily by adding or removing clients and colleagues through the My Account portal.

Contract Free

Adjust your Right Networks package anytime. Ready to connect all your apps? Upgrade to Application Cloud in My Account.

Automatic Updates

Don’t worry about maintaining your QuickBooks Desktop — we do the updates, so you can do the books. With no scheduled downtime, and 99.999% uptime, by the way.