Biller Genie

Automatically send invoices, reminders, collect payments & reconcile deposits

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Features and Benefits

Biller Genie is the all-in-one solution that integrates directly with QuickBooks Desktop and helps businesses eliminate busy work and get paid faster.  With innovative features that automate the invoicing and accounts receivable processes, Biller Genie helps businesses accelerate cash flow, eliminate expenses and creates a better customer experience that promotes self-service.

Biller Genie offers a wide range of benefits that supercharges QuickBooks Desktop to make billing and invoicing a disciplined priority:

  • Branded invoices that get sent out via email and paper mail
  • Automated reminders on your own custom schedule
  • Integrated ACH, debit and credit card payments, and Apple Pay with automatic reconciliation
  • Zero cost payment processing by automatically adding Technology Fees to your invoices
  • A branded customer portal that drives self-service
  • A late-fee manager that alerts customers about penalties associated with delinquencies
  • And more!

Automate invoicing, accelerate payments, improve cash flow, & eliminate busy work with Biller Genie.



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