The only cash flow management software that predicts your future.

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Share is the perfect companion for QuickBooks enabling instant visibility of your cash flow, alerts for unexpected expenses, and intelligent forecasting so you are never surprised.

Cash Flow Calendar:  See a heatmap which instantly shows cash in/cash out so you can optimize your business.

Anomaly detector and alerts:  You’ll know instantly about unexpected bills, late payments or if you’re almost out of cash. You can get alerts on your phone with the iOS and Android app.

Team collaboration:  Your team members can comment on activities so everyone knows the current status and can act right away.

Key Benefits:

Simple: Requires no data entry, is always up to date and works on any device, anywhere.

Powerful: With its built-in cash flow calendar, activity feed and anomaly detector, you instantly know all aspects of your cash flow with no surprises

Predictive: Know your cash flow today and anticipate tomorrow.


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