Cohesion for Restaurants is not only a POS to QuickBooks Integration app but also a powerful Workflow solution that organizes the collection, auditing and integration of Financial Transactions into your Financial and Payroll Systems.

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About Cohesion for Restaurants

Daily Sales Journals

Import fully balanced General Journals and Receivables from your POS for every day of business. No more hand-keyed Journal Entries.

Inventory Purchases

Import Inventory Purchases from your POS Inventory Control Module as Vendor Bills in QuickBooks. No more double entry of Bills.

Time Entries for Payroll

Import Employee Time Entries from your POS Time Clock to create Paychecks in QuickBooks. No more fat-fingering your payroll.

Packet Review

Review, Approve and Publish to QuickBooks all from the Cohesion Web Portal. No more waiting for printouts or emails from your sites just to review your data.

Workflow Management

Quickly view the state of all your financial transactions as they flow through Cohesion. Keep track of what has been posted or not.

Auditors and Area Managers

Delegate the review, audit and publishing responsibilities to Auditor and Area Manager users. Assign access to the Sites that they are responsible for.

Available in these Right Networks packages:
  • Application Cloud
  • Right Networks Cloud Premier

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