Connex for QuickBooks

Connex for QuickBooks automatically syncs customers, inventory, products, and orders with QuickBooks.

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connex and right networks gives freedom from data entry

Free yourself from data entry!

Connex automates accounting, inventory, and order management from all sales channels. Join us for a webinar to learn more

Features and Benefits

One App, Multiple Channels

Connex syncs all your business data to your QuickBooks—all within one simple app. That means goodbye to costly data entry errors and hello to better-than-ever-control of streamlined operations for retailers and brands.

Add Rules to Map Fields

Easily change how customers, deposit accounts, orders, payment methods, and products map to QuickBooks. See all channels, expenses, inventory, financial, and customer analytics to optimize operations and increase revenue.

Free, Automatic Upgrades…Forever

Whether its enriched features, simplified interfaces or new functionalities, Connex users are provided with automatic system updates at no extra cost. Stay at the top of the technology vertical without ever worrying about it.

Taxes, Made Simple

Use Connex to automatically track the incumbent tax of every single operation. Improving compliance is like adding an extra layer of security to your business.

Sync Inventory from QuickBooks

Eliminate the double entry of inventory changes from QuickBooks to Woocommerce. Solve common inventory issues like oversells, missing items, and flow tracking. Achieve higher customer satisfaction levels by staying in full control of your inventory, always.

US-Based, Top-Class Support

No one likes to be left stranded when the unexpected happens. Our team of US-based customer success assistants will answer your questions and help with every situation you encounter.


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