DiCentral is a global EDI software service provider helping organizations of all sizes optimize their supply chain.

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DiIntegrator, combined with DiCentral’s hosted EDI translation and routing services, allows you to process large groups of orders while providing tight integration with QuickBooks. As a supplier, you now have the benefit of processing your EDI data locally while maintaining the advantages of complete visibility and redundancy offered through a web-hosted EDI solution.

Accuracy and Validation

Ensure invoice data is accurate and validated before exporting to QuickBooks.


Prevent manual data entry errors.

Reduce Chargebacks

Eliminate costly and unnecessary chargeback fines.


Allow transparent data migration.

Liberate valuable resources.

Free up valuable resources to other demanding tasks.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration with QuickBooks, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions

Document Push

Seamlessly push DiIntegrator invoice data into QuickBooks


Customizable invoice for easy exporting into QuickBooks


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