The best way to automate your Amazon and Shopify accounting in QuickBooks

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Get recent and past Amazon and Shopify transactions into QuickBooks. Import daily or by statement. Forget about manual processing, adjustments, and journal entries. Enjoy automatic reconciliation.

What we do

  • handle all types of Amazon FBA and Seller Fulfilled transactions and import without losing any details
  • support QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Advanced Inventory
  • calculate product profitability, factoring in marketplace fees (commission, FBA, etc)
  • identify most and least profitable products to take proper action to optimize your e-commerce business

We support

Advanced inventory:

  • 1-to-1 product mapping
  • many-to-1 product mapping
  • mapping to inventory assemblies
  • inventory multipliers
  • mapping by marketplace
  • inventory adjustments


QuickBooks locations by:

  • marketplace
  • product (SKU)
  • fulfillment method


QuickBooks classes by:

  • marketplace
  • fulfillment type


What else

  • import details: individual itemized or summarized itemized
  • sync frequency: automatic hourly or daily, and manual

With years of experience developing e-commerce solutions, we understand the needs of sellers. Not only do we import transactions from Amazon and Shopify into QuickBooks, but we ensure and guarantee correctness and consistency of resulting data used to generate financial and tax reports.


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