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Simple time & attendance software for your business. Full DCAA compliance included.

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As an Hour Timesheet client, our DCAA compliant software will seamlessly import all your timesheet data to the QuickBooks desktop employee time tracking feature. We will utilize the QuickBooks Web Connector to update your data to and from your QuickBooks file. This data will include some of the following information:

  • Employees and Vendors
  • Customers & Jobs
  • Payroll items
  • Classes
  • Services

Full DCAA Compliance Timekeeping Software

Daily Timesheet Reminders

Send employee reminders daily or weekly. Notifications for corrections, timesheet updates and approvals.

Detailed Audit Trail

A detailed audit trail tracks the IP address as well as a time and date stamp of each timesheet entry. Reason required for late entries and timesheet changes are also documented. Helps eliminate time fraud and is CORE requirement for any timesheet software solution.

Reason Required for Late Entries

Mandatory prompt for timesheet changes and late entries for all timesheet users. A requirement for government contractors looking for DCAA compliance.

Supervisor and Employees Signatures

Electronic signatures allow for both employees and supervisors to sign timesheets. Allows for multi-tiered organizations to sign and approve timesheets and leave request at each tier.

Correction Timesheet Workflow Process

Includes a detailed process for correcting past timesheet data with detailed audit log

  • Automated Alert to Employee
  • Automated Alert to Supervisor
  • Retains Original Timesheet
  • Keeps Detailed History of Changes

Hour Timesheet Benefits

Eliminate Charging Errors

Tighter control with employee time tracking. Authorized charge codes restrict employees to only charge to what you allow. This includes customer jobs, service items, classes, payroll items and leave types.

Eliminate Lost Timesheets

Real-time insight for managers. Hour Timesheet allows managers to view employee & vendor timesheet data 24/7. Each timesheet can be signed by a single manager or many.

Eliminate Manual Entry

2-way data sync allows for data such as employees, vendors, customer/jobs, classes, service items and payroll items to be entered once into QuickBooks and with a single click the data is populated into Hour Timesheet using QuickBook’s Web Connector.

Eliminate Overtime Surprises

Employees track time by payroll items. Manage unplanned overtime with real-time reporting features and daily hour summary reports.

Hour Timesheet Features

Mobile Access

Employee timesheet access on the go. Hour Timesheet Mobile is free in the iOS and Google Play stores for existing Hour Timesheet Clients. Clock in and out, charge time to customer/jobs, request leave and submit a timesheet from your app.

Leave Management

With Hour Timesheet, you can track Time Off requests related to the latest COVID-19 paid-leave rules. All requests and approvals are collected and tracked digitally, so you can stay in compliance and get reimbursed.

Job Costing

Enter bill rates and pay rates at the charge code level for your employees. A complete job costing report with real-time data to help manage your projects and invoice your customers.

Web Clock

No hardware needed. Use the clock in/out feature anywhere. Use your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop to track daily punches for employees and contractors.

Time Clock

Options include biometric, card swipe and proximity reader time clocks. WiFi enabled devices.


Post announcements at the employee, group or company level.


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