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DCAA Compliant Accounting & Reporting for Government Contractors using QuickBooks

ICAT integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks adding essential job cost accounting and reporting capabilities to support Federal government contracts. Quickly and easily satisfy FAR requirements and pass a DCAA accounting system review so you can qualify for new contract opportunities.

Automate Government Contract Cost Accounting
Move past manual spreadsheet calculations and reduce risk. Instantly view indirect rates, wrap rates, and job costs so you always know where you stand. Easily track trends, monitor contact funding thresholds, and leverage accounting insights to inform business decisions.

Gain Visibility with Timely Reports
Seamlessly view direct and indirect costs by job, produce labor distribution reports, and track contract status versus contract budgets and funding limitations.

Satisfy FAR and DCAA Compliance Requirements with QuickBooks
Consistently allocate costs to jobs, support audit trails, and produce accurate reports over the life of the contract. Generate your Incurred Cost Proposal with cost data automatically populated from your QuickBooks general ledger.

Gain Insights from Budgets
Recover costs with a clear view of future indirect rates, and analyze the impact of new contracts on pricing and your bottom line.


  • Indirect Rate Calculation
  • Indirect Cost Allocation
  • Job Cost Reporting
  • Incurred Cost Proposals
  • Budgeting
  • Provisional Rate Development

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