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Ledgersync is a SAAS accounting platform that is designed to make the life of Accountants and  Bookkeepers so much easier!  How?

Via Ledgersync you or your client can securely connect to over 8,000 banks/credit card and investment institutions* and aggregate the financial data you need to do your bookkeeping.

With Ledgersync you can:

  • Access And Download Bank Statements
  • Download up to 2 years of bank transactions
  • Access and View Check and Deposit Images
  • Portal for Clients to Manage All Bank Logins
  • Export Data in QBO format, perfect for RightNetworks Users
  • Control Employee Access
  • Export Data to Popular Cloud Storage Locations

Ledgersync is one of the very few companies that is Quickbooks Desktop friendly and saves you time and money from hassling clients for bank statements. In addition,  Ledgersync is working with the best partners to ensure “direct access to banks” for bank statements and transactions.

Learn more about Ledgersync here:

If you are a Right Networks Customer you get a 20% discount! Use Code RIGHT20

* See web site and contact support for details





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