For Small Businesses: Make better, faster, more informed financial decisions for your small business.

For Accountants: Your software solution for strategic advising services.

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Solution for Small Businesses: LivePlan helps businesses build forecasts, benchmark against competition, and track and monitor financial progress. Better understand the key metrics and trends that matter most to your business. LivePlan syncs with QuickBooks in real-time, giving you real-time data to guide your decision making.

Solution for Public Accountants:
LivePlan gives you powerful forecasting and reporting tools to inform your clients’ goals, progress, and strategies. Our step-by-step process shows you how to engage your clients with a solution customized to their needs.

Skip the spreadsheets—LivePlan helps you build budgets and smart forecasts using the QuickBooks program you already use. Forecast sales, salaries, expenses, and more to make strategic decisions. Build up to 10 unique forecast scenarios to easily explore different financial situations.

Better track business performance through powerful, yet easy to understand metrics and trends. Compare forecasted numbers to actuals to track small business progress against projections. Need to share results? LivePlan makes it easy to convert dashboard reports to PDF, including full comparative financial statements.

See how a small business compares to similar businesses using real-world industry benchmark data. Tell us the industry, location, and company size, and we’ll show you how the business compares.




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