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About Medasyst Software

WnetCardQB, is a payment plug-in for QuickBooks Financial providing credit card processing.  The user of QuickBooks may process credit cards either while working in QuickBooks or outside of QuickBooks and posting payment transactions into QuickBooks.  The plug-in is certified with all processors in the US.  Thus the user of QuickBooks is no longer locked in with Intuit Merchant Services.

Features include:

  • Automatic reconciliation of transaction results with QuickBooks® records
  • Support for unlimited number of companies and merchant accounts
  • Support for Level II transactions for commercial cards
  • Multi-transaction processing of outstanding invoices with a single click
  • Multi-transaction processing of pre-defined installments
  • Batch generation of pre-defined periodic invoices combined with payment processing
  • Automatic configurable e-mail notifications of processed payments
  • Unlimited PCI compliant data storage and archiving
  • Comprehensive reporting of present and archived transactions
  • Five minute setup for a new company or merchant account
  • Virtual Terminal for batch settlement and additional processing
  • Automatic generation of deposit tickets in QuickBooks ®
Available in these Right Networks packages:
  • Application Cloud
  • Right Networks Cloud Premier

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