QuickBooks time and expense tracking in the cloud.

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Minute7 is designed specifically for professional services firms who want to associate time and expenses with customers and jobs for billing, reporting and payroll purposes. Minute7 syncs with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online and enables employees to enter time and expenses from their PCs, Macs, iPhone and Android devices.

Key Benefits

  • Minute7’s Timesheets app makes it incredibly easy to add, edit, and approve time entries. It is also very simple to manage employee permissions and preferences. Our product was built with both the employee and manager in mind.
  • Minute7 simplifies payroll and invoicing through syncing directly with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Now you can approve time and expense entries from anywhere. Run payroll, job costing, and create invoices, all without leaving QuickBooks!
  • Track time and track expenses from anywhere. Whether your team is in the office or on the go, Minute7 makes time & expense tracking easy. Track time and create expense reports from anywhere, on your computer or through our Phone & Android app.



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